Our Corporate Values

Like the Angkor temples, palm sugar and Kampot pepper are part of Cambodia. As authentic products from a unique soil, they embody the Khmer soul. This authenticity is at the heart of our approach to promoting the treasures of Cambodian land and the know-how of our farmers.

Involved in sustainable rural development, Confirel wants to be a model in respecting our producer partners and in protecting the environment.

By choosing an organic production process, Confirel puts into practice its convictions in offering customers healthy products, designed for their pleasure and their well-being, as well as to satisfy their desire to discover the Khmer culture through the flavors of our land.

By supporting the diversification of production of our farmers through innovation capabilities that open up new markets, Confirel has actively participated in increasing agricultural incomes with the aim to stem the rural exodus and to give our countryside and its inhabitants their rightful place in the development of the country.

Because it acts for a caring and equitable society, Confirel develops a true CSR policy by donating 5% of its annual profits to organizations that help the most vulnerable people in Cambodia. This CSR policy was fruitful with the CSR 2016 Award organized by the French Foreign Trade Advisors in Cambodia with technical assistance from French Chamber of Commerce in Cambodia.