THNOT Organic Sugar

ORGANIC THNOT SUGAR is made from the sap of the Borassus Flabellifer in CAMBODIA. It is naturally processed, unrefined and Organic Certified. It has a delicate aroma and distinctive sweet flavor, with caramel undertones. Organic Thnot sugar is rich in trace elements and has a higher content of polyphenols compared to cane brown sugar. Its medium Glycemic Index (GI) makes Thnot sugar a valuable addition to a healthier lifestyle. Ideal to accompany your hot and cold beverages, it can also be used like a regular table sugar.

THNOT CHOCO and THNOT  CANDY are made from fresh fruits and organic palm sugar. There are three flavours in the Chocopalm category: Pineapple, Mango and Banana. There is a touch of a cacao taste with a natural touch from fruits and palm sugar. Thnot candy consists of four other flavours; Coconut, Kampot pepper, Durian and Original. Perfect for a tea break.