JAYA Wine & Spirits

Jaya spirit is the finest extract from the purest sap of the Borassus Flabellifer in Cambodia. The strong concentration of flavors is offering you an intense pleasing moment. Especially appreciated “on the rocks”, with just a slice of lime or mixed with your favorite soda or juice, it will be loved in every situation thanks to its generous character, like Cambodian peoples.

Made with natural palm sap, Kirel Palm Wine (Original) is fermented with maximum palm aroma preservation. Kirel Palm Wine (Pineapple) and Kirel Palm Wine Ginger) are the fermented palm wine with extra touch of sweetness from pineapples and ginger respectively. Appreciated drink of ladies. Kirel is suitable for any parties or for romantic ambiances.

Mekong Sparkling is the mixture of old fermented wine with the maximum alcoholic degree with new fermented wine which degrees are around 2% to 3%. Mekong Sparkling resembles the traditional drink (Tek Thnot Jou) of Khmer people  that can be found in the bamboo tube at the countryside. Best served chill, excellent for celebrations.